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Valerie Marriott



Constituents:  0
Last Session:  29
Primary Sponsorships:  0
Co-Sponsorships:  0
Seat Claim:  Designated Seat


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Primary Sponsorships

This Senator has no primary sponsorships.


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Voting Record

Roll #DateQuestionLegislationResult
29-0227May 16, 2023Motion to Adjourn--Passed
29-0226May 16, 20235/16--Completed
29-0225May 16, 2023Election for Vice Speaker--Completed
29-0224May 16, 2023Speaker Election--Completed
29-0223May 16, 2023Motion to Table for a Definite Period of Time (Table for 1 week )--Failed
29-0222May 16, 2023Motion to Previous Question--Passed
29-0221May 16, 2023Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
29-0220May 16, 2023Quorum--Passed


This senator currently has 0 constituents.