ASUW Senate: Session XXVII

Get Involved


Tuesdays, 5-7 pm

Location: GUG 220

All UW Students are welcome to attend meetings, share thoughts, and even submit legislation. However, in order to amend proposed legislation and obtain voting privileges, one must become a senator. As a senator, not only will you learn about issues impacting the UW community, but you will be empowered to contribute your perspective, thus helping shape the future of the University of Washington.



Step 1: click the link and log into your UW NetID

Step 2: fill out a profile for yourself, select ‘signatures’ for membership claim question

Step 3: ask 15 UW students (acquaintances, friends, classmates, etc) to visit our website, click on the constituent portal, and select YOU as their senator

Step 4: once you have at least 15 constituents, we will do the rest. show up to the next meeting, time and place of which are listed above