Tuesdays, 5:00-7:00 pm

Location: EXED 110 





Senate meetings bring together a broad cross-section of the UW student community, which fosters a healthy dialogue surrounding issues affecting students. In doing so, we form the official opinion of the UW student body. 


We empower students through the democratic process, providing a space where their voices can be heard. Our platform allows for open expression of opinions, and any UW student may introduce legislation. Senators consider, amend, and vote on legislation, thus making the ultimate decision on its direction at UW.


Student Senate meetings are open to all UW students. Become a Senator to vote on legislation. However you choose to participate in senate meetings, your voice has meaning and impact.


Charlie Barton

As an incoming freshman, I signed HFS’ housing agreement without much consideration. However, it has become clear that over a quarter that HFS is an active stressor for many of us living in the dorms. With the housing agreement, HFS wields significant power over students, despite the expensive cost of housing. The food is expensive, making it nearly impossible to eat nutritiously and cheaply: a small bowl of cereal costs over $2. Furthermore, HFS’ bathroom inspection policy is incredibly inconsiderate, levying $40 fees for re-inspections and another $40 charge for cleaning. There is not a clear precedent or procedure in this process, leaving students unable to properly adhere. Also, HFS’ policy concerning alcohol and substance use is arbitrary and largely unsuccessful. The regulations, which are not clearly stated, are portrayed by the administration as loose and forgiving. Yet, HFS’ actual policy reflects a zero-tolerance policy. Thus, there are a significant number of students with warnings from a system that is not clearly presented. Most concerning however, is the lack of control that students have over their own housing. We pay money to live here, we at least deserve some clout and respect: our concerns and issues are largely ignored. Housing exists for the students; we should exercise some power over our living conditions.

Hello, I am interested in participating in the ASUW Senate – I was wondering if you could keep me posted on where we meet on Tuesdays.

Thank you for your time,
Unica Le


Sorry, we’ve been learning to use our email platforms and things as of late, but our first meeting is going to be tomorrow, October 1, in GWN 301 5:30–7:30; after that, all meetings will be in EXED 110 from 5–7pm.
Thank you for your interest in Student Senate! We look forward to seeing you there!

Senate Admin.

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