ASUW Honors the Life and Achievements of UWT Chancellor Friedman

The ASUW Senate has passed a commemorative resolution honoring the work of Debra Friedman, a UW alumnus and the visionary chancellor of UW Tacoma. Her work has given UW Tacoma a fantastic gift of vision, identity and momentum and she is a true daughter of the University of Washington. Our thoughts and feelings go to her family, friends and colleagues as we mourn her passing.

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Meeting in PACCAR 192 tonight!

Speaker Prevost called our current line-up of legislation “action-packed” so you know you won’t want to miss it.

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Different meeting place tonight!

Remember, everyone: we’re meeting in BAGLEY 131 tonight. Please get here early, as, since this is the last meeting of the quarter, we’d like to get as much done as possible.

Today, we are looking at:
R-20-9: A Resolution in Support of Reinstating the Financial Aid of the Washington Scholars Program
R-20-10: A Resolution in Support of Restoring SNAP Funding
R-20-11: A Resolution in Support of Implementing English Testing for Teaching Assistants

and first readings on
R-20-12: A Resolution for Establishment of Bite of UW
SO-20-1: An Order Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution to Enhance the Legislative and Oversight Powers of the Student Senate
OA-20-2: The Omnibus Bylaws and Rules Update Act of 2013
R-20-13: A Resolution in support of The University of Washington EcoCAR2 Team
R-20-14: A Resolution Supporting Student Review of Academic Program and Requirement Changes
R-20-15: A Resolution In Support of More Humane Standards For University of Washington Animal Research Practices and Goals
R-20-16: A Resolution Honoring the Memory of Jack Rupert MacDonald
R-20-17: A Resolution Encouraging Starbucks to Introduce Compostable Cups and Straws

i will do my best to have all of the technology figured out but NO PROMISES

-Sen. Taylor, Style Chair

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Important Information for Senators

Hello all,

If you haven’t yet, please like the ASUW Senate Facebook page ( and join the ASUW Senate group ( This is a good way staying updated on what is going on with Senate.

Also, if you are interested in casting your votes during Senate online instead of with a clicker, please email our Membership Coordinator Amanda Humphries at We are currently at clicker capacity, so the ability to do this would be greatly appreciated by Senate Leadership.

Isaac Prevost
Senate Speaker

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Want to find out more about ASUW Senate?

Check out our new informational video made by Committe Chair Amber Amin!

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Registering to be a Senator

1. Click the “Senators” tab and select “Become a Senator.”

2. As you fill out your profile, you will see a section entitled “Claim Category.” If you are basing your claim to a seat off of gathering 10 constituents, you will select “No Current Claim.” If you are representing an organization, such as a residence hall or commission, select the option that reads “[organization's name] appointee.”

4. Under slate, you can select any slate that you wish to be part of. This can be anything from your ideological beliefs or what area of campus you represent. This section can also be left blank.

5. Select your top 3 choices for committees. If you want to find out more about each committee, go to

6. If you want to, you can write a brief profile about yourself. This is a good opportunity to share why you are involved with senate, who you are representing, what issues you want to work on behalf of, or anything else you want people to know!

7. If you are an appointee of an organization, this will complete your registration process. If you selected “No Current Claim,” you have to find at least 10 students who will register as your constituent under the “Pick a Senator” tab.

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Senate begins on October 8th!

Hello everyone!

The 20th Session of the ASUW Student Senate will begin on Tuesday, October 8th! It will run from 5-7 PM and be located in Gowen 301. Further details about the meeting will be coming soon.


Isaac Prevost
Senate Speaker

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New meeting time!

Hello everyone!

We have a slight change in plans this quarter.  We will now be meeting from 5:30-7:30pm on Tuesdays in Gowen 301.  This is only a half-hour delay from our normal meeting time.

 See you on Tuesday!

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Senate Bonding!

After our next meeting (1/29/13) we will be making a group trip to Yogurtland, on the Ave, for some quality bonding time!  Whether you are new to Senate, interested in joining, or are a seasoned Senate veteran, this is a great time to talk to new people in a more relaxed setting.  Senate leadership and committee chairs will all be there to hang out and answer any questions you may have, as will at least a couple of members of the Board of Directors, so check it out!

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First Forum with the Board of Regents

Today (11/27) is our first forum of the year with members of the UW Board of Regents.  We will be joined by Regent Joanne Harrell, Chair of the Board, and Student Regent Chris Jordan.  Our meeting, as usual, will be held from 5-7pm in Gowen 301, with the forum with the Regents at the beginning of our meeting.  After the Regents introduce themselves we will have plenty of time for a Q&A period so that students get an opportunity to learn more about specific topics as well as share their own personal viewpoints.

Like all of our meetings, you do not have to be a Senator to attend.  We welcome any student or community member who is interested in learning more about our campus community.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at



Ada Waelder
ASUW Student Senate Speaker
Session XIX
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