ASUW Senate: Session XXVIV


Senators are appointed to committees. After first readings on the floor, legislation is sent to a committee for review, typically a committee whose mission relates most closely to the content of the bill. Committees discuss the legislation, make amendments, and re-submit it back onto the floor for second readings. Legislation can be discharged favorably, unfavorably, or neutrally from a committee.


Academic and Administrative Affairs (AAA): The committee that considers legislation related to anything to do with administration, faculty, or academics at the University of Washington. Some examples might be requirements for excused absences or testing policies.

AAA Chair: Connor Timney
Pronouns: he/him
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry
Fun Fact: “I am passionate about creating more health resources for low-income and commuter students”

On-Campus: The committee that considers legislation related to living on-campus, such as matters regarding the Residential Communities or HFS. 

On-Campus Chair: Amanda Pitts
Pronouns: she/her
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Anthropology: Archaeological Sciences

Off-Campus: The committee that considers legislation related to living off-campus. These issues might include transit, housing prices in the Seattle metro area, and quality of life in the surrounding area.  

Off-Campus Chair: Sephora-Clotilde Zoro
Pronouns: she/they
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Legislation I’m passionate about:A piece of legislation I cared about last year was supporting ending UW’s investment in prison labor”

General Affairs: The committee that considers legislation related to a variety of topics that don’t quite fit the other committees. Examples of such issues might include sustainability, health & wellness, or national topics.


Off-Campus Chair: Tia Vontver
Pronouns: she/her
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Psychology 
Fun Fact:I am a transfer student in my second year at UW. I care a lot about transfer student issues (including residency, university and major admissions, etc.!) and I can’t wait to work on legislation surrounding transfer students”

Oversight: The committee that is responsible for overseeing the internal functions of Senate, including but not limited to: monitoring liaisons, ensuring elected positions are abiding by their job descriptions, submitting requests for information, and reviewing the Senate Bylaws and Senate Rules at the discretion of the Vice Speaker.

Oversight Chair: Francisco Dojenia
Pronouns: he/him
Grade: Sophomore
Majors: Political Science; Intended Law, Societies, and Justice
Minors: Human Rights; Philosophy
Fun Fact: “I am fluent in Farsi!”

Resolution Follow-Up: The committee that researches our past resolutions and their impact. This is a brand new committee as of 2018. 

CRFU Chair: Rohini Kilaru
Pronouns: she/her
Grade: Sophomore 
Major: Geography
Fun Fact: “My pinkies are double jointed!’