Kevin Celustka, Speaker

Major: International Studies

Class Standing: Senior

Prior Experience: Vice Speaker (Session XXI), Administrative Assistant (Session XX)

E-mail: asuwssch@uw.edu

Speaker’s Office Hours


Jessa Cameron, Vice Speaker

Major: Political Science, Sociology

Class Standing: Senior

Prior Experience: Membership Coordinator (Session XXI), Senator (Session XIX-XX)

E-mail: asuwssvc@uw.edu

 Vice Speaker’s Office Hours

kay headshot

Kay Fuhlman, Membership Coordinator

Major: Political Science

Class Standing: Junior

Prior Experience: Chair of General Affairs Committee (Session XXI), Senator (Session XX-XXI)

E-mail: asuwssmc@uw.edu

yen headshotYen Nguyen, Administrative Assistant to the Senate

Major: International Studies

Class Standing: Senior

Prior Experience: None yet!

E-mail: asuwssse@uw.edu

Senate Clerk’s Office Hours