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Senator Profile

Sarah May



Constituents:  0
Last Session:  28
Primary Sponsorships:  3
Co-Sponsorships:  0
Seat Claim:  Vice Speaker


There is currently no biography available for this Senator.

Primary Sponsorships

Legislation NumberTitle# of CosponsorsStatus
R-28-1A Resolution in Support of Cake0Passed by Board
OA-28-4 Organic Act to Update Senate Rules 20210Passed Full Senate
OA-28-5An Organic Act to Update the Student Senate Bylaws0Passed Full Senate


This Senator has no co-sponsorships.

Voting Record

Roll #DateQuestionLegislationResult
28-0077Dec 08, 2021Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0071Dec 08, 2021Attendance Vote--Completed
28-0064Nov 24, 2021Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0060Nov 24, 2021Attendance--Completed
28-0032Oct 27, 2021Attendance Vote--Completed
28-0011Oct 06, 2021Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0010Oct 06, 2021Motion to Approve R-28-1R-28-1Passed
28-0008Oct 06, 2021Motion to Suspend the Rules--Passed
28-0007Oct 06, 2021Motion to Move Vote to Committee (General Affairs)--Passed
28-0006Oct 06, 2021Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed


This senator currently has 0 constituents.