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Zoe Zimmer



Constituents:  0
Last Session:  28
Primary Sponsorships:  0
Co-Sponsorships:  0
Seat Claim:  Designated Seat


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Voting Record

Roll #DateQuestionLegislationResult
28-0241May 31, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0240May 31, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-32Passed
28-0239May 31, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-33Passed
28-0238May 31, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-31Passed
28-0237May 31, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-25Passed
28-0236May 31, 2022Motion to Table IndefinitelyR-28-20Passed
28-0234May 31, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-21Passed
28-0233May 31, 2022Motion to ApproveJR-28-1Passed
28-0219May 31, 2022ASUW Taskforce to Explore Compensation for ASUW Interns--Completed
28-0218May 31, 2022Commission on the Consolidation of QSC and GEC Liaison--Completed
28-0217May 31, 2022U-Pass Committee Liaison--Completed
28-0216May 31, 2022ASUW Legislative Steering Committee Liaison--Completed
28-0232May 31, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0231May 31, 2022Quorum Call--Passed
28-0230May 24, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0215May 24, 2022Services and Activities Fee Committee Liaison (SAF)--Completed
28-0229May 24, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Failed
28-0214May 24, 2022ASUW Finance and Budget Liaison--Completed
28-0213May 24, 2022Judicial Committee Liaison--Completed
28-0228May 24, 2022Attendance Vote--Completed
28-0212May 24, 2022Oversight Chair--Completed
28-0211May 24, 2022CRFU Chair--Completed
28-0210May 24, 2022General Affairs Chairs--Completed
28-0227May 24, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0226May 24, 2022Quorum Call--Failed
28-0225May 17, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0209May 17, 2022AAA Chair--Completed
28-0208May 17, 2022Off-Campus Chair--Completed
28-0207May 17, 2022On-Campus Chair--Completed
28-0206May 17, 2022Membership Coordinator--Completed
28-0224May 17, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-30Passed
28-0223May 17, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0222May 17, 2022Make Special OrderR-28-30Passed
28-0221May 17, 2022Motion to Suspend the Rules--Passed
28-0220May 17, 2022Quorum Call--Passed
28-0205May 10, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0204May 10, 2022Motion to Table for a Definite Period of Time (Two weeks )JR-28-1Passed
28-0203May 10, 2022Motion to Suspend the Rules--Passed
28-0202May 10, 2022Attendance Vote--Completed
28-0201May 10, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0200May 10, 2022Quorum Call--Failed
28-0199May 03, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0198May 03, 2022Membership Coordinator Election--Completed
28-0197May 03, 2022Election for vice speaker--Completed
28-0196May 03, 2022senate speaker--Completed
28-0195May 03, 2022Motion to Approve R-28-28--Passed
28-0194May 03, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0193May 03, 2022Special Order of the day: R-28-28--Passed
28-0192May 03, 2022Motion to Suspend the Rules--Passed
28-0191May 03, 2022Quorum call--Passed
28-0190Apr 26, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0188Apr 26, 2022Motion to approve R-28-17--Passed
28-0187Apr 26, 2022Attendance--Completed
28-0186Apr 26, 2022Motion to Approve R-28-26--Passed
28-0185Apr 26, 2022Motion to Move Vote to Committee (Academic and Administrative Affairs (AAA))--Passed
28-0184Apr 26, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0183Apr 26, 2022Special order of the day--Passed
28-0182Apr 26, 2022Quorum call--Passed
28-0181Apr 19, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Completed
28-0180Apr 19, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-18Passed
28-0179Apr 19, 2022To Move to Second ReadingsJR-28-1Passed
28-0178Apr 19, 2022Motion to Suspend the Rules--Passed
28-0177Apr 19, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-24Passed
28-0176Apr 19, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0175Apr 19, 2022Make a Special Order of the DayR-28-24Passed
28-0174Apr 19, 2022Quorum Call--Passed
28-0173Apr 12, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0172Apr 12, 2022Attendance Vote--Completed
28-0171Apr 12, 2022Motion to Move Vote to Committee (On-Campus)R-28-21Passed
28-0170Apr 12, 2022Motion to Move Vote to Committee (General Affairs)R-28-20Passed
28-0169Apr 12, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0168Apr 12, 2022Motion to Table IndefinitelyR-28-16Passed
28-0166Apr 12, 2022Quorum Call--Failed
28-0164Apr 05, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0163Apr 05, 2022Attendance Vote--Completed
28-0162Apr 05, 2022Motion to Recess--Passed
28-0160Apr 05, 2022Quorum Call--Passed
28-0157Mar 29, 2022Motion to Adjourn--Passed
28-0156Mar 29, 2022Motion to ApproveR-28-19Passed
28-0155Mar 29, 2022Move R-28-19 and R-28-18 out of committee--Passed
28-0154Mar 29, 2022Motion to Suspend the Rules--Passed
28-0153Mar 29, 2022Motion to ApproveOA-28-5Passed
28-0150Mar 29, 2022Student Technology Fee--Completed
28-0152Mar 29, 2022Motion to Approve the Agenda--Passed
28-0151Mar 29, 2022Attendance Vote--Completed


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