ASUW Student Senate - Session XXIII

Standing Student Opinion

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Session 21
-Supports the addition of diversity-related questions in faculty course evaluations (R-21-27)
-Supports the creation of a preferred name option in the student database by the registrar’s office (R-21-26)
Session 20
-Encourages faculty to allow religious and cultural accommodations for students (R-20-22)
-Supports gender equity in athletics (R-20-33)
-Supports increase quantity and access to universal bathrooms (R-20-44)
Session 19
-supports the diversity credit requirement for all undergraduate students (R-19-16)
-encourages TAs and instructors to introduce themselves with their pronouns and as students to do the same (R-19-25)

Session 21
Supports allowing excess dining account funds to be transferred to the student husky card account or tuition account (R-21-9)
-Supports making the on-campus dining plan optional for all students (R-21-9)
-Advocates for available and affordable on-campus housing options for students (R-21-10)
-Calls for an open access program for scholarly peer reviewed articles produced by UW students, staff, and faculty (R-21-20)
Session 20
-Supports fully funding the State Need Grant (R-20-23)
-Supports the use of open textbooks (R-20-27)
-Opposes a quarterly international student fee (R-20-30)
-Supports expanding access to income based repayment plans for student loans (R-20-8, R-20-37)
Session 19
-continuation of the GET program (R-19-11)
-supports the Husky Pride Fund (R-19-15)
-encourages students to fill out their FAFSA (r-19-21)
-supports state funded faculty salary increases R-19-12)

Session 21
-Calls for the university to cease financial investments of endowment funds in publicly traded companies whose principal business is the mining of coal for use in energy generation (R-21-4)
-Supports the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Rule and closing loopholes in the Clean Water Act (R-21-32)
-Supports the commitment to dedicating 25% of food procurement purchases to ecologically sound, fair, local/community based and/or humane food (R-21-34)
Session 20
-Supports use of compostable cups and straws by on-campus Starbucks vendors (R-20-17)
Session 19
-encourage the UW to freeze direct investment in fossil fuel companies (R-19-34)
-supports UW’s efforts to further incorporate sustainability into the UW undergraduate curriculum (R-19-36)

Session 21
-Encourages UWPD to improve transparency and relations with underrepresented communities (R-21-12)
Session 20
-Urges the immediate staffing of an on-call SANE at the UW Medical Center (R-20-34)
-Supports universal background checks on gun sales (R-20-38)
Session 19
-supports a criminal background regarding violent crimes, sexual offenses, and felonies on the UW Seattle application (R-19-23)
-adopt LED lighting on campus  (R-19-17)
-supports making UW Alert emails mandatory for all faculty, staff, and students (R-19-20)
-encourages UW to ensure smoking cessation counseling and medical treatment is provided to those who seek it (R-19-29)
-supports researching and implementing modifications to smoking areas to mitigate second-hand smoke exposure (R-19-29)
-encourages integration of Green Dot awareness presentations to the living communities (R-19-35)

Civic engagement
Session 21
-Calls for a permanent ballot drop box on campus (R-21-6, R-21-38)
-Encourages increased voter accessibility in collaboration with UW Student Life (R-21-38)
Session 20
-Supports the placement of a permanent ballot dropbox on campus (R-20-43)

Session 20
-Supports local funding options for King County Metro (R-20-3)
Session 19
-supports the universality of the UPASS (R-19-5)

Capital Projects
Session 20
-Opposes funding capital projects primarily through tuition dollars (R-20-31)

Shared Governance
Session 19
-supports increased student input in tuition setting process (R-19-8)
-supports the creation of a Student College Council within every academic school and college (R-19-19)
-encourages creation of mid-quarter online course evaluations (R-19-26)