ASUW Student Senate - Session XXIV


The Student Senate was established in 1994 out of the tradition of the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) Student Assembly. Its purpose is to increase democratic access to the Association and to provide a broad-based student forum for discussion of salient issues. What was once a gathering of just over 30 students has, over a decade, blossomed into a legislative body of over 150 senators representing a diverse array of interests on (and off) campus.

Today’s Student Senate discusses current matters affecting students of the University, and it is empowered to formulate the official opinion of the ASUW. Senate resolutions help to guide the actions of the Association and often other decision-makers at the University and elsewhere. All students are welcome to submit legislation for the Senate to consider, though only senators may ultimately vote. That said, Senate positions are open to all ASUW members. We aim to bring in voices from the broadest possible cross-section of the UW student community, and in doing so, we hope to foster healthy dialogue and arrive at what is, truly, student voice at the University of Washington.