ASUW Student Senate - Session XXIII

RSO Information

Are you an RSO looking to join Senate?

Any Registered Student Group who has been around for more than a year may apply for a seat on the Student Senate. All groups are encouraged to apply and add their voice to crafting student opinion.

To be awarded a seat, two forms are necessary:

  1. PetitionForm – used to verify your group’s existence and membership. This form only needs to be completed once.

  2. RenewalForm – needs to be completed each time your group sends a new Senator to represent yourselves. This will provide a record of their attendance as well as authorize them to vote on your group’s behalf.

Process for applying for an RSO Senate seat:

  1. Get a petition.
  2. Get 30 people to sign it.
  3. Write an addendum to attach to the petition answering the 3 questions regarding why your RSO should have a seat.
  4. Turn the petition in to the Senate Membership Coordinator.
  5. The Coordinator verifies that it is complete, and sends it to the Registrar’s office to have the names, signatures, and student numbers verified.
  6. Upon verification from the Registrar, the membership sub-committee drafts legislation to amend the Senate Bylaws to include your RSO in Senate.
  7. The legislation comes to the Senate, where you or a representative of your RSO should be present to answer questions from the body.
  8. When (and if) the legislation is passed by the Senate, it must then go to the Board of Directors (BOD) for approval.
  9. If passed by the BOD it goes into effect (and your seat becomes active) at the next regular meeting of the Student Senate.
  10. You must complete the New Senator Form providing your name, contact information, and committee preference. The head of your organization must sign the form granting you the right to vote on your groups behalf.

Are you a new Senator for an RSO already in Senate?

You need to fill out a RenewalForm in order to fill your RSO’s Senate Seat. Filling out this form requires your RSO president’s signature, your contact information, your committee preferences (check out the committee pages to learn more about the different committees), and your signature. After you have completed the form, bring it to the next Senate meeting. This will authorize you to vote at that meeting, but not in committee. By next week your name will appear on the attendance sheet and you will have a committee assignment.

The Vice Chair also provides an orientation for new Senators and you will be issued a Student Senator Handbook. These tools will help familiarize you with the working of Senate, how to write good resolutions, and provide valuable contact information. If you join late in the session, please contact the Vice Chair to arrange for an orientation, as they are only by request during Winter and Spring quarter.

Are you a returning Senator?

Even though you have done this all before, the Senate still needs your contact information and your committee request. Please fill out the RenewalForm and turn it in to the next Senate meeting. You should also pick up a new Student Senator Handbook as it will contain the latest version of the Senate Bylaws & Rules.

More Info

There are a number of steps, and at some times it can seem rather excessive, but the system is designed to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and responsibly. Just follow the steps, appear before the Senate when requested, and eventually your group will be granted a seat.

If you have any further questions, please see the Info & Resources pages. The Senate_Handbook gives a more detailed description of Senate procedures and guidelines.