ASUW Student Senate - Session XXIV

December 3, 2013

Different meeting place tonight!

Remember, everyone: we’re meeting in BAGLEY 131 tonight. Please get here early, as, since this is the last meeting of the quarter, we’d like to get as much done as possible.

Today, we are looking at:
R-20-9: A Resolution in Support of Reinstating the Financial Aid of the Washington Scholars Program
R-20-10: A Resolution in Support of Restoring SNAP Funding
R-20-11: A Resolution in Support of Implementing English Testing for Teaching Assistants

and first readings on
R-20-12: A Resolution for Establishment of Bite of UW
SO-20-1: An Order Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution to Enhance the Legislative and Oversight Powers of the Student Senate
OA-20-2: The Omnibus Bylaws and Rules Update Act of 2013
R-20-13: A Resolution in support of The University of Washington EcoCAR2 Team
R-20-14: A Resolution Supporting Student Review of Academic Program and Requirement Changes
R-20-15: A Resolution In Support of More Humane Standards For University of Washington Animal Research Practices and Goals
R-20-16: A Resolution Honoring the Memory of Jack Rupert MacDonald
R-20-17: A Resolution Encouraging Starbucks to Introduce Compostable Cups and Straws

i will do my best to have all of the technology figured out but NO PROMISES

-Sen. Taylor, Style Chair